7 & 8 Speed Chains

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  • A 7 & 8 speed bicycle chain with rust protection. This is Taya's very own eco-friendly rust protection chain. A cleaner, superior and... not so shinny alternitatve to chrome. Only $34.50 Read more about Taya's Greener Surface Treatment here. There is nothing else like this available in New Zealand! Manufacturer's specification page

  • A 7 & 8 speed silver and black bicycle chain. It's on the low end of the 7 & 8 speed Taya range, but amazing value for money at only $22.20. The outer links are coated in chrome and the inter links are made of black steal. Manufacturer's specification page

  • Taya's very own sigma connector. Designed to fit all 7 & 8 speed bike chains. Snap them on in a matter of seconds. They come with some pretty good instructions. Or you can check out our helpful page over here. Package includes 2 x joining links.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items