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9 Speed Eco Rust Protection Bike Chain


New product

Weight 290g
Brand Taya
Similar to Sram PC-991
Size 115 Links

A 9 speed bicycle chain with rust protection.

This is Taya's very own eco-friendly rust protection chain. A cleaner, superior and... not so shinny alternitatve to chrome. Only $46.90

Read more about Taya's Greener Surface Treatment here. There is nothing else like this available in New Zealand!

Manufacturer's specification page

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Who is Taya Chain?

Taya Chain are the longest standing Taiwanese manufacturers of bicycle chains. Established in 1969, Taya Chain have proven their hunger for innovating the best bicycle chain, at the lowest cost to the environment. With an outstanding record of awards and as a true contributor to the bicycle industry, Epicycle is proud to bring Taya Chain to the New Zealand market.

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What speed is your bike?

Determining the right speed of chain for your bike might be simpler then you might think. Just count the number of cogs in the rear cassette or cluster on your bike. That’s it, that’s the only thing that determines the kind of chain you need.

To extend, the more cogs on the rear cluster, the thinner they need to be in order to fit in the same space. So the chain must be the correct thickness to fit with your cluster setup. The lower speed chains are thicker and heavier. Leaving the higher speed chains to be thinner and lighter.