We have all had great ideas in our time. In fact, many will argue that some of the best come from around the table at your local watering hole. With a beverage in hand and the brain juices flowing, people become inspired. “We should open a bar!” - “I always wanted to start a band!” - “We should import and sell awesome bike parts online!” Ok, so that last one may have been us, but abracadabra and Epicycle was born!

We were always surprised by the cost of simple consumables for mountain biking, or any biking for that matter. Disc brake pads for $39? We pay about the same amount for our cars brake pads! $100.00 for a quality bike chain? There had to be a better way…

It has now been two years and Murray and Rowan, father and son, are still working hard to help Epicycle truly step into its own. We now have a steady relationship with two overseas manufactures: Taya Chain from Taiwan, and a manufacture in China for our Epicycle branded brake pads. We are currently talking with a third, and occasionally find the odd bargain in limited quantities. We now have this great online store with 60+ awesome product reviews, some amazing riders using our products, our Facebook page is in full swing, and our blog is just finding its feet.

Our bottom line is to import quality parts into New Zealand and sell and distribute them to our customers at the best possible price so that we can all enjoy this wonderful activity!

I’m a 24 year old male, born in Auckland but lived in Nelson since I was five. Well, now that the obvious details are out of the way, let’s get a bit more personal. I have not always been a dedicated mountain biker but I have always ridden bikes from a young age. I had my first 80cc, 4 speed motorbike when I was eleven and have always enjoyed that wonderful adrenaline rush that comes with pushing your limits.

I am currently enjoying learning new skills and techniques for riding down hills at ridiculous speeds. As much as I enjoy the ride, it fascinates me the sciences that now come with riding these days. Both the hardware and technique. The one last thing that has kept me hooked is the great community of cyclists in New Zealand. There is always another friendly person to meet on the trail with a great story to tell.

Here at Epicycle both Murray and I wear a lot of hats to keep things rolling. We both have a very active role in the company. Some of my areas include most of the customer service, order dispatching, web design, media design, amateur product photographer and marketing.

Murray Grierson Findlay. I have three last names. The middle name was my grandmother’s maiden name. All three are very Scottish. I have worn them for 53 years now which sounds like a long time and yet it isn’t. Born in Wanganui, grew up in Auckland but lived predominantly in Nelson. Its quieter here. It feels like home. I met my best friend and future wife at the start of college. Forty years of shared experiences is a great feeling. Fast forward … two wonderful sons, three cities, five jobs, four cats, three dogs, numerous cows, strawbale off-grid house in a private gully surrounded by steep hills. Life has been kind.

I am relatively new to biking. Over the years I have played a lot of sport but have to rate mountain biking as the best .I wish I had started earlier. The reasons I love it so much is because it combines, excitement, adventure and friendship. There is plenty of time while riding to think :)

The ride of your life… Cycling is similar to life. To enjoy the downhill you have to do the uphill first. If you want to feel the splendour of the wilderness you have to get there. It takes effort but the rewards are worth it. Life is just the same. I believe that generally anything truly worthwhile requires honest hard work. Cycling is a great mentor. It teaches us the importance of physical and mental well being, community, friends and natural environment. Lessons that we can use to our benefit in all aspects of our life whether it be personal or business. We are part of the cycling universe. A cycle within is cycle (Epicycle). I believe clear vision, hard work and consistency is the key to success on and off the ‘track’.”

I hope to see you on the right track in Nelson, New Zealand sometime soon..