Here at Epicycle we support Taya’s very own greener surface treatment or eco rust protection chains. But what exactly is it? And how is it different to other chains?

In truth, almost all bike chains these days have a rust protection coating. The most commonly known coating would be chrome, or that shiny silver finish on most chains. Although the chrome coating it’s self is not harmful to you or the environment, it does have a darker side to its childhood.

Chrome is extracted from hexavalent chromium, a substance used regularly in many industrial operations. Unfortunately hexavalent chromium and it’s by-products are very harmful to the human condition and the environment. Have you ever watched the movie Erin Brockovich? The contaminant the power & gas company were leaking into the water supply was hexavalent chromium. Not to be too negative, but this nasty substance can cause anything from lung-cancer to brain tumours.

After multiple contamination incidents around the world, including Greece, the U.S, parts of Australia and others, regulations have been increased by many countries. This includes a ban of hexavalent chromium in all electronic equipment by the European Union. Some companies are also taking initiatives to offer alternatives to chrome products. One of which is Taya Chain from Taiwan.

One of Taya’s specialties from the very start has been superior chain coatings. That’s why in 2010 Taya launched their exclusive Greener Surface Treatment technology. This is 100% free of hexavalent chromium and ensures 2-10 times better corrosion protection than most other existing coatings.

The best part is that Taya’s eco-friendly chains are the same price as their chrome counterparts!