The Epic guarantee

Epicycle’s epic guarantee ties in with our bottom line, “to import quality parts into New Zealand and sell and distribute them to our customers at the best possible price so that we can all enjoy the wonderful activity of biking.”

Anything you see with this guarantee, we are adamant that it is the best possible product at that price in New Zealand. If you really don’t think that our products are the best for their price. Then we will replace or refund them. Please fill out this short form if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our products.

We only sell products that we are currently using or have had happily on our own bikes

We are always looking for new niche items to import that just seem too expensive for what you get. If you have any ideas, or are just fed up with paying too much for something, give us a bell.

We are currently offering to double your brake pads and chains for doing a simple survey to help make us more epic!

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