Here at Epicycle we have a simple mission. To make the basics of cycling in New Zealand more affordable for all of us to enjoy this amazing activity. We have teamed up with some great brands, as well as sourced and branded some of our own products. Either way we are constantly determined to offer the best products at the best prices in New Zealand.

Ashima are a forward-thinking research and development outfit based in Taiwan. With a passion for pushing the limits of design and performance, Ashima are always working on the next best thing.

Specialising in braking components and bike tools, they are an important addition to Epicycle’s arsenal.

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Taya Chain are the longest standing Taiwanese manufacturers of bicycle chains. Established in 1969, Taya Chain have proven their hunger for innovating the best bicycle chain, at the lowest cost to the environment. With an outstanding record of awards and as a true contributor to the bicycle industry, Epicycle is proud to bring Taya Chain to the New Zealand market.

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Eclatorq are new age initiative raising the bar in the development of precision hand tools, worldwide. Eclatorq Technology Co., Ltd was formed in 2006 as a result of combining eleven Taiwanese hand tool manufacturers.

After already having great success in the automotive industry, they have set their eye on the ever growing bicycle market. Epicycle is honoured to supply their high quality range of torque wrenches made especially for bicycles, at competitive prices.