Here at Epicycle, we use and love Taya's very own Sigma link. At first, we were a bit bewildered with the new concept but after taking the time to read or watch the brief instructions, we have been astounded by its effectiveness and simplicity.

After fitting the large part of the link into either end of the chain, place the loose outer plate onto one pin first, then have it rest on the second pin. Once in place, grab the chain on either side of the link, and flex it towards the loose plate of the sigma link. With some very light pressure on the plate resting on the second pin, it will pop on and lock in place.

As one final tip, life will be a lot easier if you do this when your chain is loose. Pull in, tie up or lock out your rear derailer to gain some slack in the chain.

Taya’s chains and Sigma links have been made and race proven for more than 19 years.